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    Targeting & Data

    Mobile-first has become one of the hottest topics in digital advertising. Rethink DSP offers accurate and precise targeting to mobile users powered by 個推, which is the largest mobile notification technology provider in China. Rethink DSP can reach users who have installed different types of mobile applications and recent engagement.

    Rethink DSP identifies users behaviour by gathering usage of various mobile apps, which is also include our exclusive inventories. These media and apps have 200 Million+ users in China. The high volume of usage helps to predict users’ recent behaviour and recent interests.

    Different from other typical user interest algorithm, Rethink DSP’s interest targeting is identified by content and video consumption on publishers. Consistent and long term content consumption can accurately identify users hobbies and core interests. On the other hand, recent video views usually implies purchase intentions and upcoming activities.

    Having well developed logistics in China, online shopping becomes so popular that users buy various merchants online such as consumer electronics, daily necessities and even fresh food. Rethink DSPs can leverage users recent purchase behavior to identify quality users.

    Gathering users signal from various data sources including owned media and publishers, Rethink DSP provides access to demographic targeting including age, gender, location and income.

    Rethink DSP has integrated with different 3rd party data sources and private data management platforms. Rethink Media’s data negotiation team also help on looking for valuable data in the market.